What is the type of wood for your project?


Discover how to choose the most appropriate!

Wood is a material that can really surprise us with the final results ... These results are as good as the materials we have chosen for our projects. For this reason, it is essential to choose the right wood, especially in the construction of furniture in noble woods.


Attentive to the needs everyone!

To decide which type of wood to use, everything will depend on your purpose! Resistance to high temperatures or infiltrations of moisture and color are just some of the variables that can influence your choice. Each wood has different properties and may be more appropriate in some cases than in others.


Grain Closed vs. Open Grain

Open-grain woods have large pores. The oak is an example of open grain wood, it is unique, being possible to observe the grains in the distance. On the other hand, the closed-grain wood is more popular among people who prefer a smoother finish and texture as is the example of cherry wood.


Softwood Vs. Tough

Softwood is generally cheaper than hardwood because it comes from coniferous trees. These are trees that can be easily produced because they grow relatively fast. Examples of softwoods include cedar, pine, spruce, and sequoias. However, hardwood features unique colors, textures and grain patterns. The disadvantage is that the woods are more expensive, especially if looking for exotic woods. Some examples of noble woods include birch, oak, mahogany, ash, teak, maple, and poplar.

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