Natural Wood Kitchens


It is natural to want to plan the interior of our home with natural materials, prevailing more and more about our preferences. Wood is one of these materials that has never ceased to adhere to its style and comfort, attracting more and more fans.

Wood has always been synonymous with warmth and warmth of the home, and its intense beauty produces unequaled environments. There are no two spaces made of wood exactly alike, even though the design is the same, since there are no two trees with equal veins!

Kitchens have long been the realm of wood and stone, however, with the appearance of new and less expensive materials, wood has often been replaced by its own substitute. But nothing replaces its sumptuous touch and its unique beauty.

Get to know our 8 good reasons to make your kitchen in wood:

1 - Amplitude and Light

A wide, bright natural light wood kitchen makes all the difference! Wood, usually considered the material of excellence for rustic environments can create modern and minimalist environments. Its intrinsic beauty blends perfectly with the white, creating cozy and comfortable environments without losing the elegant and refined style.

2 - Rustic with class

The most natural style of wood applications is undoubtedly the rustic one. All the charm of the wood without losing the functionality of a kitchen with state of the art equipment. The wood becomes the essence of the kitchen coating the walls and even the ceiling, beyond the usual applications in cabinets or small notes.

3 - Classical

Wood need not always have its natural color to give your classic and comfortable touch to a kitchen! Applications in solid wood, painted in white, constitutes the whole classic structure from the doors to the cabinets, giving to the environment a nostalgic and romantic air, remembering the kitchens of old.

4- Modern wood shades

The wood can be used for any part of the kitchen from the furniture to the floor, always resulting in a unique and harmonious design, which surrounds its residents in a natural comfort that only the wood has.

5- The wood will not go out of fashion

The wood is eternal, and your kitchen runs little risk of becoming outdated in the nearer times. A simple design renovation can turn your traditional kitchen into an example of modernism and simplicity.

6 - Love for wood

Red-toned woods give a kitchen a simply fascinating atmosphere! Cover walls, cabinets, island support and even the ceiling to match, and can use recessed lighting to further enhance the heat it transmits.

7 - Wood in contrast

If you are tired of the wood tone in the kitchen, choose to paint! If the white looks too cold and monochromatic, you can bet on the details, or contrast with a part of the kitchen in black!

8 - Wood 360

A kitchen built in 100% wood looks exaggerated, but examples prove otherwise. A total remodeling in natural wood will promote lightness, warmth and even functionality. With several windows, and even a direct contact with the outside gives an even more natural environment to your kitchen!

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