Closet room: some important details


Tips for anyone who wants a room with a closet

Having a room with a closet is the dream of many, after all this type of space is a sign of organization and elegance. However, many people consider that it takes a lot of space to have the bedroom whit closet, but not necessarily.


Tips for a room with a closet

For those who are planning to invest in a room with a closet, it is very important to know exactly the type of pieces and items that will be stored in the closet, especially when it comes to a double room.

Another important factor is that there is enough lighting in the closet because it is used to store, choose clothes or even make-up.


Double bedroom with a closet

In the design of a double bedroom with closet it is always important to remember that this will be used by two people who may have different tastes and opinions.

It is equally important that it is organized in such a way as to include parts of both, and in that sense, one must segment the closet by reserving the space that each one.


Bedroom with small closet

Yes, it is possible to have a small bedroom with a closet. Just have a good planning and invest in the right model for the space available.

An excellent idea is to take advantage of those areas of the rooms that do not seem to be of any use, such as the space that has a sloping roof or a narrower area.


Bedroom with closet and bathroom

The bedroom with dressing room and bathroom, the famous suite, is a way to make your day-to-day life even easier. To maintain privacy, it is interesting to use glass partitions or even furniture to partition the spaces.

Another point of attention in a room with closet and bathroom has to do with the humidity and, as such, it is important to invest on coatings suitable for damp environments, also guaranteed ventilation of the space.


As you can see, there are several options to include a closet in your room. You should look for an adaptation and construction materials in the same style and architecture of the house.

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